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5 Reasons to Hire an Event Management Team for your Wedding

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

When it comes to weddings, we feel that time is never enough to plan the grand day. The wedding preparations begin right from the moment you say “YES” and celebrations from Betrothal/Engagement to Wedding eve party. Considering your busy schedules, do you have time to plan everything perfectly as you dreamed? A few years back, hiring a wedding planner was considered a luxury but, nowadays wedding planners are more accessible and affordable. Here are the 5 reasons why you should hire an event management team to help you with your wedding.

Wedding Planners in Kerala

1. Tension/Hassle-free Wedding

Once the wedding date gets finalised, there starts the hurry to organise everything. You may have the experience of organising a birthday party or bridal shower but when it comes to the wedding as a whole, it will not be easy to do it on your own. You will have to arrange everything - Venues, Wedding cakes, Stage decorations, Car decorations, Flower arrangements, Catering, Haldi ceremony, Photography etc… the list goes on. During this time if you look at your parents you can see that they are so stressed to give their Prince/Princess the best day possible. The worst part is they just forget to enjoy these priceless moments with their loved ones. So it is best to have an experienced event management team like Red Dot Events to plan and execute everything as you dream of. Another advantage is better Risk management. The Wedding management team is always prepared to face any unexpected events. It is like having an assistant at your fingertips -You name it and they do it and all you have to do is to spend your energy to enjoy and cherish the wedding.

2. Customised Weddings delivered on the platter

A wedding is not just a ceremony anymore. Couples depict their love story to the world through the wedding. Everything is tailor-made - Wedding gowns, Wedding cakes, Wedding rings, Stage decorations - making it personal and unique. Destination/theme weddings portraying their intimate memories are also becoming very popular. You can even design Mood Boards and Colour Palettes as per your taste. It will not be an easy task for you to arrange everything on your own. Even after spending a lot of energy and time, you may not achieve the output you aspired to. If you have a wedding planner like Red Dot events, customization is as simple as waving a magic wand: discuss your ideas with them, give your inputs and the results will be in front of you without lifting a finger. Red dot events have a professional, dedicated team to do all kinds of custom services, transforming your day into a remarkable one.

3. Better Budget Management

Budget Planning is the first and foremost step in any event planning. It is a crucial factor for the success of any event and is essential to have specific budget allocations. Getting the best products and services within our budget is what we always expect. Your expectations may not meet up with reality and may end up spending more money on less relevant items, affecting your budget flow and peace of mind. With the experience of organising many weddings, the event management team can help you allocate the right amount at the right places hence avoiding unnecessary expenditures. It is always better to discuss your budget plans with the team in detail and clarify any doubts for smooth, efficient, risk-free operations.

4. Pull off the New Trends in Weddings

A well experienced, versatile wedding planner is aware of the new trends in the industry. Experience in planning and executing events in different genres[backgrounds] gives them a whole new perspective towards unique personalised wedding ideas. If you are looking for new ideas for your bridesmaids' attire or your wedding dress, makeup or even your wedding cake, they can guide you better or create something new for you. For those who would like to pull off Indo-western themes, Wedding planners would be the best option. Red dot Events have been the wedding planner for many NRI clients, successfully carrying out Indian -Western mixed themes without losing the traditional values.

5. Maintaining Quality and Reputation matters

The wedding in our family speaks a lot about our family values and status. No compromises are allowed when it comes to the family reputation. The Same goes for wedding planners as well. Every event is crucial to them because their reputation is also on the line. They carry the responsibility of upholding yours as well as their reputation. So the quality of work is assured as this determines their future business. The success of your big day is not only yours but also is another achievement for them.

During the COVID period, the wedding styles have changed from big fat weddings to small intimate weddings involving only the close ones. Due to restrictions, it is strenuous to organise everything as you wish and better be safe by avoiding unnecessary exposures. With the experience of planning, organising and executing many weddings during the pandemic, Red dot events can confidently say that the best solution is to hire a wedding planner. They will shoulder all the responsibilities including sanitisation of the venues so that you can have a safe wedding ensuring safety of your loved ones.

Being the wedding planner for many happy customers in Kerala, we suggest that the services of an experienced professional event planner like Red Dot Events will be highly beneficial in making your wedding one of a kind. Our experience in making all those weddings memorable has made us one of the best wedding planners in Kerala.

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